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Ayurvedic recipe that Boosts your metabolism by 70%, burns up your stored fat as fuel. It stimulates your liver and gall bladder to produce more bile, which breaks down and burns up other fats as well. This also helps assimilate other digested food products and nutrients, creating overall better nutrient intake and better health.

If you have difficulty in losing your belly fat, you must try this Ancient Indian remedy to reduce weight by burning the fat for fuel. People of any body type and lifestyle can use this smart way to lose weight and reduce inches around their belly and waist. Having this Ayurvedic concoction 1 teaspoon a day literally melts belly fat away.

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Links for Ingredients used in this recipe :

Cumin :
Jaggery :
Raisin :

India :
Cumin :
Jaggery :
Raisin :

UK :
Cumin :
Jaggery :
Raisin :

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