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100% Natural Anti-Ageing Night Cream that will remove pigmentation & retrieve the moisture in your face and keep it really soft and glowing even during the dry winter days. This DIY cream is homemade using natural ingredients. The secret ingredient that I use in my night cream will keep your skin very clear, pigmentation-free and acne-free.

Most of us get dry and flaky skin during winter, we don’t realize just how the cold weather speeds up the signs of aging. I make my own Natural Moisturizer that also removes Pigmentation & Scars bcoz of the ingredients I use in it. It works excellent as an Anti-Ageing night cream. I hope it helps anyone looking for affordable and safe natural options.

Links for Ingredients used in this video:

US :
Shea butter :
Almond Oil :
Essential Oil:

India :
Shea butter :
Almond Oil :
Essential Oil:

UK :
Shea butter :
Almond Oil :
Essential Oil :

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