How to Lose Weight Fast | Lose 15 KGS | Natural Fat Burner Detox Drink | Detox Water Recipe

Drink this before bedtime and see your weight literally melting away. This increases your metabolism by 80%. You could lose upto 15 kg’s weight in a month if you combine it with regular exercise.
Ultimate Fat Burner without side effects. Lose weight fast.

Links for the herbs used in this drink:

US :
Nigella/Kalonji :
Sukhu/Dry ginger :
Turmeric Powder :
Raw Honey :

India :
Nigella/Kalonji :
Sukhu/Dry ginger :
Turmeric Powder :
Raw Honey :


Nigella/Kalonji :
Sukhu/Dry ginger :
Turmeric Powder :
Raw Honey :


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