My Grandma’s Homemade Syrup for Coughs & Cold

This cough syrup is easy to make and works immediately. It cures sore throat, cough, congestion, cold and headaches.

Immunity Boosting Herbal Drink:

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Fermented WHAT?

Natural probiotics are easy to incorporate into your diet and are much more nutritious and beneficial than taking a supplement. Who needs supplements if you are already getting what you need through diet? Adding these fermented foods to your routine aids digestion and builds immunity with good bacteria essential for good gut health.

The Mighty Lemon!

All hail the mighty lemon! Possibly the easiest thing you can add to your daily life that gives the most health bang for your buck. Or your 0.49 cents in most grocery stores. This wonderful citrus from the gods has amazing powers and they are easily attainable.

Take Control Of Your Healthcare Naturally

Healthcare in this country is out of control which there seems to be no end insight, and no compromise for us to reach some kind of middle ground. As more diseases become mainstream so do the drugs to combat them. We need to find alternative, safe, and natural ways to get to the root causes of our ailments. After all we are ultimately responsible for our own health and well-being.

Grounding For Health and Well-Being

Ever feel really good after walking barefoot in the park or along the beach, or after lying in the grass? Have you noticed how a dip in the ocean or sitting beneath a tree can rejuvenate your body and mind, and transform that feeling of being “burned out” or “wired” into one of calm and balance? The common factor between all of these activities is an exchange of electrical charges with the Earth, called grounding or “earthing” by the alternative health community, and it can be a powerful agent for healing.

Herbalism Is The New Age Revolution

This method has gained popularity in many parts of the world over the past few centuries. People prefer to use herbal products because of health consciousness.

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