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This is my favorite and effective Ayurvedic secret recipe for hair growth. If you are suffering from severe hair fall, have bald patches, or very slow hair growth then use this traditional time tested hair mask to promote healthy hair growth in just few weeks.

It stops hair fall, accelerates hair growth even from dormant follicles. Try this hair mask to get healthy, thick and strong hair.

Homemade HERBAL Natural Shampoo :

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Links for the herbs used in this hair mask:

Yellow Mustard –
Amla Powder (Gooseberry) –
Neem Powder –
Cold Pressed Coconut Oil –

UK :
Yellow Mustard –
Amla Powder (Gooseberry) –
Neem Powder –
Cold Pressed Coconut Oil –

India :
Yellow Mustard –
Amla Powder (Gooseberry) –
Neem Powder –
Cold Pressed Coconut Oil –


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